Your health journey starts with Banner|Aetna

The choice of a medical plan is one of the most important decisions you’ll make all year. With open enrollment just around the corner, it’s time to consider all your options and choose the health benefits and insurance plan that does the most for you and your family.

NEW in 2020:


Your new virtual care solution that offers on-demand, primary care, text-based service delivered securely and privately through a mobile app. Receive quality and highly accessible care from U.S.-based, board-certified 98point6 doctors who answer questions, diagnose and treat, outline care options, order prescriptions and labs, offer referrals and even follow up with you. It’s as simple as opening an app and sending a text – free download available from your device’s app store.


Better benefits for an affordable price*

A plan focused on wellness, not just sickness

Doctors and staff who communicate with you and each other

A special network of primary care doctors, specialists and hospitals
focused on you

Better coordination of care for chronic conditions

*The plan pays benefits for in-network care only. Remember, you'll save money and get more coordinated care when you stay in the Banner|Aetna plan network. In emergencies, you'll have coverage for out-of-network care. But, if you go out-of-network for routine or non-life-threatening care, just know that you'll be responsible for the entire cost.

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