How do we make health care better?

We’ve made it as easy as possible to get the most out of your Texas Health Aetna Plan: to know more, do more and save more. Here are some key features and benefits for State Farm members.


Better benefits for an affordable price*

A plan focused on wellness, not just sickness

Doctors and staff who communicate with you and each other

A special network of primary care doctors**, specialists and hospitals focused on you

Better coordination of care for chronic conditions

*The plan pays benefits for in-network care only. Remember, you'll save money and get more coordinated care when you stay in the Texas Health Aetna plan network. In emergencies, you'll have coverage for out-of-network care. But, if you go out-of-network for routine or non-life-threatening care, just know that you'll be responsible for the entire cost.
**In Texas, PCP is known as physician (primary care).

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24/7 access to a doctor, for free.

It’s tough to find time to see a doctor. But with our Anytime-MD app, you have one on call in your pocket, wherever you are, whatever the hour. One text, and a local doctor will respond within a minute, assess your care needs, help get an appointment or a referral, even send a prescription to the nearest pharmacy. It’s 24/7 peace of mind and it’s free to all members.

Appointments on your time.

Who wants to wait an average of 24 days to see a doctor or specialist? Call us and we’ll get you timely appointments that fit your schedule, when you need them. We can also send a DispatchHealth care team to your home via the Anytime-MD app, while walk-ins for non-emergencies are welcome at any MinuteClinic® in your neighborhood.

Personal support for serious care.

If illness or injury puts you in the hospital, or you if you have a chronic condition, we provide care coordinators and teams to guide you through the process of getting well. They’ll keep you informed, coordinate treatment, liaise between specialists and help schedule follow-up appointments. So all you need to focus on is getting back to better health.

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